Framed Glass Balustrades

Similar to our Framed Balustrades but with the aluminium infills replaced with reinforced glass panels, Framed Glass Balustrades maintain structural integrity while providing outdoor-loving Kiwis with unobstructed views. With a nice top edge and an added assurance of safety compared with frameless or semi-frameless options, this range offers the best of both worlds for modern builds.

Avon Aluminium Framed Glass Balustrade

Ideal for modern architectural homes, the Avon offers any combination of rail type and numerous potential finishes to suit your unique style. More rectangular top rails give the Avon a minimalist aesthetic often seen in mono-pitch rooves and metallic finishes. The Avon’s sleek design provides unobstructed views for occupants while allowing onlookers to appreciate the unique architectural style and design of the build.

This traditional and popular style is functional, minimalistic and economical. The multi-purpose Ascot is suitable for interior and exterior applications including decks, balconies, stairways, landings, mezzanines, pedestrian gates and pool fences.

Avon side fixed to substrate

Avon Top Fixed

Avon top fixed to substrate

Camden Framed Glass Balustrade

The perfect place to put your feet up at the end of a long day, the Camden looks great on both modern and classical structures, and provides a practical, contemporary solution with all the robustness of a full aluminium frame.

The gap between the Camden’s double top rail and glass allows for great airflow and creates a traditional look with a modern twist.

Camden Side Fixed

Camden side fixed to substrate

Camden Top Fixed

Camden top fixed to substrate

Siena Framed Glass Balustrade

Featuring a unique 3-sided frame, the Siena’s full-pane glass infill spans from post to post in recessed channels which effectively block out the wind. The Sienna is one of our most popular Framed Glass styles and features a simple and clean look with no lower rail.

Get the best of both worlds with a top rail to lean on while still maximising the view.

Siena side fixed to substrate

Siena Top Fixed

Siena top fixed to substrate

Spectra Framed Glass Balustrade

Similar to the Camden but without the bottom rail, the Spectra features glass that spans horizontally between its posts and a gap beneath its top rail to allow for airflow while still providing protection from the elements.

This style is a tier above the Avon and offers a balanced combination of robustness, functionality and unobstructed views.

Spectra side fixed to substrate

Spectra Top Fixed

Spectra top fixed to substrate