Frameless Glass Balustrades

Considered by many to be the ultimate balustrade, Frameless Glass Balustrades maximise exposure by minimising the aluminium required to keep them structurally sound. Each Frameless Glass style is pre-engineered to ensure each span of glass is safe and secure, while accommodating those views that are just too picturesque to miss. Frameless Glass Balustrades offer top-of-the-range solutions which ensure complete transparency for maximum impact.

Metropolis Frameless Glass Balustrade

Blink and you’ll miss the nearly invisible Metropolis, an ideal style for design-forward architecture in an urban setting. This modern style includes a continuous top rail fitted across the span of recessed, reinforced glass panels of 12mm or 15mm.

The Metropolis’ top rail and cantilevered design provide a sense of additional safety, with no posts to break up the view.

Metropolis Laminated Glass

Metropolis using laminated glass

Metropolis Toughened Glass

Metropolis using toughened glass

Panorama Frameless Glass Balustrade

True to its name, the Panorama is simply superb for taking in those 360-degree views. One of the most modern styles available, the Panorama's absent top rail and completely hidden fixings create an ultra-clean look, while still providing as much safety and security as any balustrade on the market.

Its side-mounted aluminium channel design keeps everything in while letting you enjoy the view out.

Panorama using laminated glass

Panorama using toughened glass

Arena Points Frameless Glass Balustrade

A Frameless Glass Balustrade like no other, the unique and timeless Arena Points is easily fastened to wall material with circular side mounts that are not visible from your deck or balcony.

Currently only available with a top rail, the Arena Points style has the added benefit of points that can be polished or brushed stainless steel, powder coated or anodised to match your colour scheme.

Arena Points No Rail

No rail, using laminated glass

Arena Points Top Rail

Top-rail with toughened glass

GlasStrut Frameless Glass Balustrade

The GlasStrut provides the perfect solution for optimal safety without compromising the view.

Standing at just 160mm tall, the GlasStrut Frameless Glass Balustrade provides pure, uninterrupted views which exceed the highest safety standards and NZBC regulations. Enhance your home’s beauty with the GlasStrut’s stylish stainless-steel fittings which clamp the lower edge of the glass and attach it to the substrate.