Framed Balustrades

Timeless simplicity at an affordable price, our aluminium Framed Balustrades provide strong, reliable, durable barriers to suit a multitude of architectural themes. All of the styles in this versatile category feature clean joins, concealed assembly and rounded edges.

Ascot Aluminium Framed Balustrade

Featuring a polished and timeless design, the effortless Ascot incorporates a 16mm square vertical baluster infill between two vertical 50mm square posts, with a top and bottom rail.

This traditional and popular style is functional, minimalistic and economical. The multi-purpose Ascot is suitable for interior and exterior applications including decks, balconies, stairways, landings, mezzanines, pedestrian gates and pool fences.

Ascot Side Fixed

Ascot side fixed to substrate​

Ascot Top Fixed

Ascot top fixed to substrate

Windsor Framed Balustrade

Put your feet up as the sun goes down with the visual impact, character and clean lines of Windsor’s double-top rail. Featuring the security of multiple 16mm square vertical balusters between each 50mm square post, this economical and classic style is perfect for today’s modern design aesthetic.

The Windsor is ideal for outdoor spaces including entertainment areas, pools, balconies, patios and gardens.

Windsor Side Fixed

Windsor side fixed to substrate

Windsor Top Fixed

Windsor top fixed to substrate

Wilton Framed Balustrade

The unique Wilton offers classic elegance with a modern twist. This is the only style which allows for a corner motif in a criss-cross, ring or diamond shape.

The Wilton’s double-post, double-top rail system and high aluminium content give it a dominant presence which emulates a sophisticated Mediterranean or European style.

Wilton side fixed to substrate

Wilton Top Fixed

Wilton top fixed to substrate

Safa-Slat Framed Balustrade

So much more than a pre-engineered, compliant safety barrier, the Safa-Slat does double duty as a balustrade that offers great privacy at lower heights, while also offering superior screening and wind protection.

An ideal privacy divider for close-quarter living and unit or apartment balconies, this high-performing balustrade is ideal for concealing unsightly services or as a shed extension for your home.

Safa-Slat side fixed to substrate

Safa-Slat top fixed to substrate