Postless Balustrades

The ultimate in minimalist urban styling, the practical and attractive Postless Balustrades range is a popular choice for design excellence matched by unparalleled performance.

Finline Postless Balustrade

The Finline’s modern, vertical style is both visually striking and extremely versatile. Its narrower spacing can be side-mounted to the outside face of a balcony or terrace for a complete edge solution.

More than a just a balustrade, the Finline acts as a screen to obscure unsightly features or create a statement in an otherwise flat façade.

Finline Side Fixed
Unex Finline 3

Topline Postless Balustrade

The seamless Topline is a top-mounted, pre-assembled system which can be attached to most substrates (concrete, timber or steel) using a mounting rail and is ideal for balconies or as fencing on retaining walls.

Structurally engineered for durability and strength while allowing for a continuous detail for waterproof integration, the weld-free Topline enhances privacy without blocking out light.

Unex Topline 2