Semi-frameless Glass Balustrades

Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades provide sleek style and crisp lines which appear suspended off the ground by each midway support. These styles feature recessed glass infill panels with no bottom rail and the choice to include a top rail or not. All the benefit of a clear view while still providing safety and durability, Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades are a popular solution for pool fencing and multi-unit developments, offering the perfect compromise between affordability and visibility.

Vetro Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade

The Vetro’s recessed channels and absent top rail offer a crisp, clean-lined support that is significantly more economical than frameless glass. A very popular choice for specifiers, this great all-rounder features a reliable combination of minimal aluminium structure and a glass aesthetic for uninterrupted views.

The Vetro's posts protrude just above the top edge of the glass with a stylish sloping cap.

Vetro Side Fixed

Vetro side fixed to substrate

Vetro Top Fixed

Vetro top fixed to substrate

Surreal Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade

A true glass and aluminium hybrid, the Surreal reduces the height of each intermediate post to obscure less of the view at a sitting height, making it the most frameless-comparable style in our Semi-Frameless range.

Available with or without rails, the Surreal boasts a continuous span of glass and a top edge glass protrusion to create a unique and modern look.

Camden side fixed to substrate

Surreal Top Fixed

Camden top fixed to substrate